BetPlay Casino – Win a complete Apple Package

Deposit at least once for four consecutive weeks in Betplay casino and earn yourself a raffle ticket to win a Macbook Air, Ipad Air and Iphone 6. The more you deposit the more tickets you will get.

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  1. At least one deposit a week, for four (4) consecutive weeks needs to be made during the promotion period in order to earn yourself a raffle ticket.
  2. If 2 deposits are made each week than we will award 2 raffle tickets and so on
  3. The draw will be help on the 1st of each quarter (Jan 1st,April 1st,July 1st, October 1st)
  4. All winners will be notified by phone and email (All contact information needs to be valid to claim this prize. Fake addresses and phone numbers will be disqualified and the prize will be moved on to the next in line)
  5. The giveaway consists of: Macbook Air, iPad Air2 and an iPhone 6. All prizes will be mailed to your listed address. If your address is outside of our delivery capabilities we will pay the prize worth into your players account for an instant withdraw

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