New from bwin: insure your Multi bets with PROTEKTOR!

This new Bwin feature is unique in the world of sports betting!

We all know that feeling. You place a Multi bet and are sure you are going to win big time. Then suddenly, something unexpected happens. The referee makes a wrong decision or the goalkeeper fails to save a ball in the last second of the game and the bet is lost.

That’s now a thing of the past. From now on, you can insure a number of picks in your Multi bets. If one or more fail to win, you will simply get your money back. It’s that simple!


Here’s how to use PROTEKTOR:

1. Log in, choose your bets and select your picks to use PROTEKTOR. 2. As soon as you have selected 2 or more picks, the Multi bet option and PROTEKTOR will appear in the bet slip.
3. Choose how many picks you want to insure. PROTEKTOR will tell you how much it costs. 4. Place the bet as normal. As long as you have insured as many picks (or more) that have failed, you will get your stake and your PROTEKTOR costs back.


Q. What type of bet can be insured?

A. Our PROTEKTOR feature will be activated when you create a Multi bet in your betslip.

Q. Can all my Multi bets then be insured?

A. No, only selected pre-match Multi bets placed on Mainbook will have the option to be insured. Live Bets can’t be insured.

Q. What is the “PROTEKTOR cost”?
A. The “PROTEKTOR cost” is the amount that it will cost you to insure your Multi bet, this is defined by the combined odds, the stake and the number of selections that you choose to insure.

Q. How many selections in the Multi bet can be insured?

A. You can choose to insure any number of selections with a maximum of one less than the total amount of selection in the bet slip. Example, if your bet consists of 5 selections, you could potentially insure up to 4 of them.

Q. How are my bets placed with PROTEKTOR settled?

A. There are three scenarios that are taken into consideration, they are:

  1. You bet is won; you will receive the total winnings of your bet, although your PROTEKTOR cost will not be returned
  2. Your bet is lost but is insured; you will receive your stake and PROTEKTOR costs in the form of cash back into your account
  3. Your bet is lost and not sufficiently insured; bet is lost and no money will be refunded into your account

Q. How does early refund work?

A. If it is certain that your bet will not be won but it is sufficiently insured, even before all of the selections are settled, you will receive the respective payout (stake + PROTEKTOR cost) in advance.

Q. What happens if a selection in my PROTEKTOR bet is cancelled?

A. If all picks in your insured bet are cancelled, PROTEKTOR is also cancelled. In case of cancellation, the PROTEKTOR cost is returned to your account. If only some of the selections from the insured bet are cancelled, but not all, the PROTEKTOR bet is not modified – neither the cost nor the amount of insured selections.

Bet now at Bwin with Protektor!

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